meta. is a entity whose mission is to populate the virtual world of tomorrow with our HUMAN visions. We accompany the artists who join our project in the world of digital art and NFT, helping them in all the activities necessary to propose their works in this new market.

Are you with us? Let’s create all together a new world!


We’re proud to present our artists whose visions, works and NFTs will bring beauty and value in the tangible Universe as well as in the virtual Meta.Verse.

NFTs &
Digital Art

Hey, are you minded to enter the NFT world with your art? Are you ready to assigning value and uniquess to your works by certifying their authenticity through a digital encryption system? Propose your works and we will take the utmost care in creating the way.


The time to take action and create the Meta.Verse is arrived. Very soon it will be a reality. We have the opportunity to create it, TODAY. intends to support companies working in the Meta.verse and beyond, by giving them the opportunity to purchase textures created by our artists, whose creativity has no limits.

By collaborating with companies have the opportunity to combine the functionality of their products with the captivating visions of our artists.

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  • 7 Jan, 2022


Meta.project wants to showcase its artists through performances in several parts of the world, enhancing their inventive talent and expressive skills.

the story behind meta.project


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